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Dental assistants earn good money while working in a clean, well-lighted environment with good hours. The national average for dental assistant wages is between $11.94 and $17.44 an hour depending on skills and certifications. Dental assistants with experience and expanded duties can earn over $20.00 an hour. In Charlotte, where the current demand is high, salaries are even higher.

You should know and understand that regardless of whether you decide to take an accelerated course or a year long course, dental assistant wages are dependent on your chairside experience, speed and efficiency. Though some people will tell you that  you will make more after graduating from a degree program, the reality is that your level of actual clinical experience will determine your starting wages. In both cases, you should anticipate that you will be seeking an entry level position. As you gain experience and value to your team, wages rise accordingly.

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The Department of Labor puts together statistics each year about different careers. The current report states that job prospects for dental assistants should be excellent. Throughout the whole country, employment for dental assistants is expected to grow over 29%. This is much faster than than most occupations – in fact – dental assisting will be one of the fastest growing occupations from 2006-2016. North Carolina, because of its high growth, is even better! Employment for dental assistants is expected to grow by 53% from 2002-2015!

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