Nitrous Oxide Monitoring is now included with 2012 Modern Dental Assisting!

The NC dental board has revised the rules for dental assistants who wish to expand their skills by monitoring patients under Nitrous Oxide analgesia. Now, both DA1 and DA2 assistants can monitor patients under the direct supervision of a dentist after taking an approved seven hour course. This is great news! In response, we have added an 11th session included with the 2012 MDA001 class which will complete the requirements for this extra certification. As always, this class is available separately as well. The following is excerpted from the revised rules.

A Dental Assistant I or a Dental Assistant II not otherwise qualified under G.S. 90-29(c)(13) may aid and
assist a licensed dentist in the administration of nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalant conscious sedation after
completion of a Board-approved course totalling at least seven hours and directed by an individual or
individuals approved by the Board. Such course shall include:
(1) Definitions and descriptions of physiological and psychological aspects of pain and
(2) The states of drug-induced central nervous system depression through all levels of
consciousness and unconsciousness, with special emphasis on the distinction between the
conscious and unconscious state;
(3) Respiratory and circulatory physiology and related anatomy;
(4) Pharmacology of agents used in the conscious sedation techniques being taught,
including drug interaction and incompatibility;
(5) Patient monitoring, with particular attention to vital signs and reflexes related to
(6) Prevention, recognition and management of complications and life threatening situations
that may occur during the use of the conscious sedation techniques, including cardio
pulmonary resuscitation;
(7) Description and use of ventilation sedation equipment; and
(8) Potential health hazards of trace anesthetics, and proposed techniques for elimination of
these potential health hazards.