Dental Assistant Training at the Dental Staff Institute

Modern dentistry requires dental assistants who are well versed in four-handed techniques. Dental assistants must also be familiar with hundreds of materials and instruments that are used on any given day. Without proper chairside assistance, most dental procedures would be near impossible to perform.

Right now, there are dental offices throughout the Charlotte metro area that need well-trained, motivated dental assistants to join their team. If you are organized, mature and personable, you could be one of them.

  • Become a valuable part of a growing healthcare profession.

  • Use your skills to help your patients.

  • Solve problems and work independently.

  • Create further opportunities for yourself to learn and grow.

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of having a profession, not just a job.

group of dental assistant graduates

Why Train with the Dental Staff Institute?

Taking an accelerated learning course with the Dental Staff Institute is a great way to enter the field of dental assisting. Start your career without spending tens of thousands of dollars and a year to two of your life. The focus of our dental assisting school is on helping you obtain the skills necessary for an entry level position in the dental field in only a few months. Classes are on Saturdays. You do not have to quit your present job while you learn. Our fast pace means that you will be studying during the week in addition to your classroom and hands-on training in our office. Your classes include all of the study materials needed to succeed as a dental assistant. A rewarding career is just a few months away!

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Advanced Learning for Dental Assistants

If you have moved from another state and need North Carolina dental assisting credentials or if you would like to expand your skills, our dental assisting school offers several different one and two day classes.  North Carolina requires that nitrous oxide sedation monitoring, radiography and coronal polishing are taken here even if you have credentials from another state.

We also offer group sessions for employers in the Charlotte Metro area who need to certify their assistants in North Carolina. As dental professionals, lifetime learning is the key to providing the best care possible for our patients. Expanding your skill set makes you a more valuable employee as well as providing you the satisfaction of growing in your career.

Change Your Life

Train for a career with the Dental Staff Institute.
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What graduates are saying about us…

I really enjoyed my MDA classes. The instructor was excellent and I really enjoyed learning with the rest of the students. The material was very good and I feel very confident that I can do this!
A.S.Gastonia, NC
The teachers made everyone feel comfortable and worked with students. My class members were great and the material was always kept interesting!
Sam L.Charlotte, NC
I really enjoyed being in class with everyone and I got a very solid foundation with all of the information. Teachers were great. Five Stars!
S.H.Charlotte, NC
Instructor was informative and very sweet. The location was convenient, small class size and knowledgeable teacher. I learned a lot at the polishing course – thanks a lot!
Lindsay B.Charlotte, NC
Lisa went above and beyond. It was like she was a study buddy and not just a teacher. Diana was really helpful as well. I learned a lot and it will really help me at work – great class.
Chris H.
I have been in dentistry for  over 20 years, mostly in surgery. I have taken several classes from DSI to add to my skills and they all have been good. The two day radiography was well presented and the instructors did a great job. The hands on portion is very good.
S. R.Charlotte, NC
The instructors were great and I can’t think of anything that could be better. Everything went smoothly and was very well organized, there was good group discussion and plenty of time for questions.
Kaylee LMonroe, NC
I took the 11 week classes. I always got the help that I needed to learn the materials. It is very fast paced at first but it levels off. It helps that everything is very well organized and classmates can help one another.
S.B.Salisbury, NC
Very friendly. Very Patient. Instructors were great and I learned a lot. Thanks!
D. M.Charlotte, NC
The staff is amazing and helpful. They actually care about the students passing and getting a lot out of the class. Well worth it, thanks.
Radiography Student
The teacher was very friendly and laid back. The materials in the class were good and I learned a lot.
Nitrous StudentHigh Point, NC
The instructors, especially Diana, are great teachers. They made the information easy to understand. I feel confident and I look forward to finding a job.
B.D.Charlotte, NC
The instructor was very helpful, knowledgeable and made the class interesting and boredom FREE! I believe that the course amplified my knowledge of everything nitrous oxide. Thank you all so much!
M. H.
The help that was offered during the nitrous class was excellent. Good class and good material.
Sabrina B.Charlotte, NC
Everyone felt very comfortable. There was a lot of open discussion, room for questions and appropriate breaks. Great class!
Mary B.Charlotte, NC
The instructor is well educated on what she is teaching and makes sure that everything is understood by the students. The lecture materials were very well put together. Thanks!!
Ariel S.Charlotte, NC
This was one of the best courses I have taken! Very Impressed!!
Yelena P.Charlotte, NC
Very informative class. I love how the powerpoint notes are right in front of us as you see the presentation. It really lets you concentrate on the material without worrying about writing everything down or taking lots of notes. Organized really well – thanks you!
Kyrsti C.
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The instructors were very knowledgeable and they were willing to give everyone as much time as they needed. Thanks fr my x-ray certificate!
Wendy F.Winston Salem, NC
I have taken a few classes including the radiography, nitrous and now the polishing class. The instructors always do a great job presenting the material and they are very friendly and helpful.
JustineCharlotte, NC
I have taken more than one class from DSI. They make everything clear and easy to understand so I can use the information at my job right away.
Ashleigh C.
I really liked the hands on experience and the instructors were very helpful with everything. The class was bigger because there were some extra people coming from one office. They added another instructor just so everyone would have more attention. Very nice.
A. W.Charlotte, NC
My instructors were very helpful. I normally work up front but the doctor wanted me to help with x-rays. I appreciate how I wasn’t just thrown into it – I got lots of extra attention because I have never done them before. Everyone was very helpful.
F. H.High Point, NC
Good materail content – slides and presentations were easy to understand and well organized. Group breakout option as well as the choice to go through lunch made it quick and efficient. I learned a lot and was ready to bring it back to my boss at work.
Coronal Polishing CourseCharlotte, NC
Modern Dental Assisting graduate Christian tells us about her experience getting into dental assisting and how the Dental Staff Institute program changed her life.