I have been in dentistry for  over 20 years, mostly in surgery. I have taken several classes from DSI to add to my skills and they all have been good. The two day radiography was well presented and the instructors did a great job. The hands on portion is very good.

S. R.Charlotte, NC

Time passed really quickly – the instructor was very friendly and knew the material well. I really enjoyed the polishing class.

Ruben R.Waxhaw, NC

I just wanted to let you know that I found a job as a dental assistant! It’s working out really well. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful school. All of that training has really helped me! It showed me that I really wanted to be in the field and I am so glad that I did it!

Britni H.Marion, NC

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I took the radiography class. Everyone was very friendly and a lot of help. I had a great time updating my certification and got a lot of tips. Lisa is the best!!

Amber M.Charlotte, NC

I needed to update my x-ray certs coming in from another state. Everything was great! Easy and quick – thanks for the help!

C. H.Lake Norman, NC

Good materail content – slides and presentations were easy to understand and well organized. Group breakout option as well as the choice to go through lunch made it quick and efficient. I learned a lot and was ready to bring it back to my boss at work.

Coronal Polishing CourseCharlotte, NC

I took the 11 week classes. I always got the help that I needed to learn the materials. It is very fast paced at first but it levels off. It helps that everything is very well organized and classmates can help one another.

S.B.Salisbury, NC

The radiography course was well organized and left me feeling like the whole group was a team. I would definitely take other courses here!

Manya V.King's Mountain, NC

Diana was fantastic! She made the course interesting and encouraged questions. I enjoyed going in the back and actually seeing the nitrous machine and how to operate it correctly. Group discussion also helped a lot.

Kathy S.Charlotte, NC

The help that was offered during the nitrous class was excellent. Good class and good material.

Sabrina B.Charlotte, NC

The instructors made us feel welcome and comfortable and the course materials for the x-ray class were very good. I didn’t feel like just a another student – we weren’t rushed and everyone had a chance to learn. Thanks!

Taylor S.Charlotte, NC

The instructor was great and the powerpoint slides and handouts were well organized. I liked the group session and how everyone was involved as a team in the hands on.

Kelsey D.Matthews, NC

The staff is amazing and helpful. They actually care about the students passing and getting a lot out of the class. Well worth it, thanks.

Radiography Student

This was one of the best courses I have taken! Very Impressed!!

Yelena P.Charlotte, NC

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The instructors were very knowledgeable and they were willing to give everyone as much time as they needed. Thanks fr my x-ray certificate!

Wendy F.Winston Salem, NC

The instructors were great and I can’t think of anything that could be better. Everything went smoothly and was very well organized, there was good group discussion and plenty of time for questions.

Kaylee LMonroe, NC

I really liked the hands on experience and the instructors were very helpful with everything. The class was bigger because there were some extra people coming from one office. They added another instructor just so everyone would have more attention. Very nice.

A. W.Charlotte, NC

Everything was well organized and I had no probs getting my x-ray certificate. The worst thing I can say is that you need to open more classes! Thanks!

J. F.Indian Trail, NC

Very friendly. Very Patient. Instructors were great and I learned a lot. Thanks!

D. M.Charlotte, NC

Very informative class. I love how the powerpoint notes are right in front of us as you see the presentation. It really lets you concentrate on the material without worrying about writing everything down or taking lots of notes. Organized really well – thanks you!

Kyrsti C.

I loved this class! We worked as a team and the teachers really encouraged us to help one another – just like in a real office. Diana has outstanding teaching skills. Thank you!


Instructor was informative and very sweet. The location was convenient, small class size and knowledgeable teacher. I learned a lot at the polishing course – thanks a lot!

Lindsay B.Charlotte, NC

Lisa went above and beyond. It was like she was a study buddy and not just a teacher. Diana was really helpful as well. I learned a lot and it will really help me at work – great class.

Chris H.

The instructor was great. She spoke clearly and encouraged questions. I also appreciated that I was always able to reach Dr. Malz or my instructor if I had any more questions or concerns.

Allie C.Charlotte, NC