Dental Radiography Challenge Exam

0 Clock Hours Didactic Instruction
0 Clock Hours Clinical Instruction

Saturday Sessions 8am to 5pm

Tuition and Fees Total $ 355.00

Course Description

This course satisfies the dental radiography requirements of the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners allowing out-of-state dental assistants or foreign dentists who successfully complete the examinations to legally take dental radiographs in a North Carolina clinical setting.

DURATION: Written examination, Clinical examination on a manikin, no lecture hours required.

PREREQUISITES: Out-of-state dental assistants or foreign dentists with at least a year of experience actually taking radiographs on live patients

The written exam is an online multiple-choice test that has been approved by the NC State Board of Dental Examiners. It will be available a week before the course. You do not need to study beforehand.  A grade of at least 70% on the written exam is necessary in order to be eligible to take the clinical assessment. For your clinical examination, a full-mouth series of radiographs (digital and film) will be taken on a manikin, processed and properly mounted.

A North Carolina Dental Radiography certificate is given upon successful completion of both the written and clinical exams.

In order to sit for this CHALLENGE EXAM without taking the lecture portion, a student MUST have both experience taking dental radiographs and also proof of dental radiography certification from another state.  A foreign dental degree is also acceptable.