BEST decision of my life!!

I attended the Dental Staff Institute Spring of 2016, and it was the BEST decision of my life! I googled jobs that didn’t take a long education for a entry level job and dental assisting came up. All I wanted to get into the dental field quick to start providing for my newborn son, little did I know that this experience would change me in so many ways! The Dental Staff Institute sparked a deep love for dentistry within me. So deep that I plan on pursuing a career as a Dentist in the future! The program was extremely in depth and absolutely prepares you for a job as a DA I right out of school. Dr. Malz was extremely responsive prior to the beginning of classes as well as throughout! She has been my biggest cheerleader in my dental career and Im blessed to call her a lifetime role model and mentor. Instructor Diana was also extremely responsive day and night as some of us struggled with certain questions on study guides and homework. She was very clear and helpful. She pushed us for success and we achieved it! Instructors Lisa and Amica were also so helpful. They brought a fun side to learning things that were sometimes not so fun! They never left any question unanswered! The Dental Staff Institute as a whole is filled with love of others and a passion for dentistry! They helped us find places for externing/interning and even informed us of jobs and certain materials we can use to find jobs. They helped us perfect our resumes, and turned us all into thriving professionals. I did not start working right out of school because I was staying home with my son, but once I started applying it only took me a couple of months to find that perfect fit! I encourage all of you who are interested to go to Dental Staff Institute! There is absolutely no competition, and nowhere that will ever measure up to this school and the place they hold in our hearts! Proud graduate ?