One of the best programs I have ever attended.

The Dental Staff Institute is by far one of the best programs I have ever attended.
Lisa, the lead dental assistant and teacher of this program, is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and downright fun to be around.
Her classes are straight forward and very fast paced, but done so in a way that allows you to know what you’re doing when class has ended.
You spend several weeks (every Saturday 8-5 depending on the lecture for that week) doing both hands on, and book work, earning your certifications as you go.
Lisa is always there to answer your questions, and stays after class to help if you need it. You also get access to her personal number where she can be reached whenever you need help. Which, in my personal opinion, is amazing.
Dr. Malz and her husband, Dr. Woodman, put a great deal of time and effort into these classes and the material that is needed to push their students towards their end goals, whether it be just dental assisting, hygiene, or, in my case, medical school (hopefully one day).

You should know that this program is accelerated, so you aren’t going to have your hand held or be spoon-fed answers. Either you keep up, or you don’t. That’s all on you.

The amount of respect I have for Lisa, Dr. Malz, and Dr. Woodman is incredible.
To dedicate their time and energy to helping adults of all ages towards careers in dentistry is amazing, and I am BEYOND thankful to all of them.
All in all, my time at the Dental Staff Institute was wonderful and I learned more than I could have hoped. 5/5 stars.