Take the chance, you won’t regret it!

I attended DSI in 2015. My experience was amazing and very hands on. No matter what we always had one on one help, if needed. Also, after-hours help was always offered to those in need. Thanks to my education from DSI I’ve now been working as a dental assistant for many years and am now a DA2. I would highly recommend the school to anyone who is looking for a fast paced, hands-on class. Not only was I able to get my dental assisting education/certification, but I was able to continue working my part time job throughout the week. If you are looking to become a dental assistant there is no other school I would highly recommend besides DSI. I myself, now help teach at DSI on impression day and also four handed dentistry day. I thoroughly enjoy having the opportunity to help teach others who are interested in doing the same thing I do. Take the chance on dental school, you will not regret it.